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Blush Onion Plants

(15 customer reviews)


  • A minimum of four dozen Blush onion plants per bunch
  • Pink, globe shaped, slightly pungent, hybrid
  • Size Potential: 3-4″
  • Storage Potential: 5-6 months
  • Days to Harvest: 110-120
Pink, Storage, Hybrid

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Blush onions are a unique cross between yellow and red onions that have a delicate, pink internal structure. Very popular in French markets. Tight brownish to pink champagne skin dries down quickly. Internally the Blush onion rings are light purple to pink, which are slightly pungent with a bit of sweetness. Grows very vigorous foliage and is widely adaptable to most northern growing areas.

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15 reviews for Blush Onion Plants

  1. Angie

    I have been ordering this variety for a couple of years now. It is my favorite onion to plant , it handles onion diseases better than any variety I have planted so far. It also keeps the longest in storage, I store my onions under my basement stairs in a little storage space. The temperature does not get as cool as it should be but my onions still keep until spring very few start to sprout. I live in Minnesota so I store them from sept. to april.

  2. jay-7101

    This is a fantastic onion. Great for storage! unbeatable Flavor.

  3. Ed Saugstad (verified owner)

    Have done very well here in southern West Virginia – took first place in the onion division at this years’ county harvest festival.

  4. Colleen Tennant (verified owner)

    Have planted Blush Onions for the past two years and will continue to do so. They store very well in the basement and our garage during the winter (Northern Michigan). They taste so lovely all cooked up. They are my husbands favorite!

  5. Satya (verified owner)

    These are the onion stars in my garden in Maine. They grow very large and taste great and they keep in storage till late spring before sprouting!

  6. Heather Mitchell (verified owner)

    These onions were such a disappointment. They grew well, were big and firm, had such a beautiful color, and we couldn’t wait to eat them! But we didn’t eat a single one. They all rotted, from the inside out, so that they looked gorgeous outside but were all black and soft inside. I’ve never seen anything like this. They were stored, labeled, next to red, purple, and yellow Dixondale onions, none of which had this problem. We had to throw the entire Blush crop away within 1-2 months of harvest.

  7. parkerpe (verified owner)

    We had a weird May last year, with a week of 90+ days followed by a week on 35-45 days. Seemed like that stopped growth, up to that point they were doing great. Ended up with medium size onions (hence the 4 stars), but they were very healthy and exceeded my storage expectations. Last ones were eaten in January with little rot/waste. Ordered again for this year, and hoping weather isn’t as abnormal. Taste was very good.

  8. reddy (verified owner)

    Just had some of these for breakfast 6.5 mo after harvest. Delicious! And the purple color inside is gorgeous. I did lose a few to center rot both in the fall and over the winter, but when I cut the tops off to dry last fall several of them seemed to have more moisture that they should. I thought I had dried them enough in the end, so either they weren’t fully ready to harvest or my drying method was inconsistent. Considering that most of them are fine, I can’t blame it on the onions. I had a chat with Dixondale and they mentioned that overhead watering can cause this, and we did have cold and rain late in the summer just before harvest, so it could have been that as well. Last season was my first time with this variety so this year I will pay closer attention during harvesting and drying, but they are so tasty that I will definitely grow them again.

  9. Julie K. (verified owner)

    Blush onions are my very favorite, they taste great and last the longest in storage, just as long as the Copra’s did; it is late May and I am still cutting up “fresh” onions from last year’s harvest, zone 5b. I just had to order 4 more bunches for this year’s crop because it seems that the chickens that my granddaughter let in my garden liked them too! Last year we bought a freeze dryer to store more garden produce long term, and the onions I grew from Dixondale starts (specifically the sweet varieties) taste fantastic freeze dried; they are like the onion toppings you put in green bean casseroles, but the Blush variety, in particular, looks beautiful freeze dried in the jar that is kept by the stove for quick access to chopped onions.

  10. R. Hawkins (verified owner)

    Great good tasting reddish onion with very nice size. Looks great in salads and as a garnish

  11. Jim (verified owner)

    This was my 1st time with the Blush onions. Weather in Wisconsin this Spring was awful with lots of rain then temps in the 30s and 40s. Thought I might loose most of my crop but to my surprise most plants (80%) took off. Most were in the 2-3″size some at 4″ and a few at 1-2″. Overall so far so good. Will have see how they store in my root cellar. Last yr the yellow spanish lasted until April.

  12. pat.l.james (verified owner)

    I live in California near Sacramento. I have grown these onions for the last two years. They grew to about 3″ for me which is perfect. Even though we marvel over how big the yellow candy onions get, they aren’t practical for many recipes because they are so big. We mainly use them for salsa. I know you’re not really suppose to, but when my onions are done drying I store most of them in the fridge. They will last until the next years crop. All of my onions, every variety this has worked for. I have been growing Dixondale onions for years.

  13. Molly (verified owner)

    Blush onions have become our favorite: we live in northeast Ohio and have grown Dixondale onions for many years. We are so glad we added blush into our rotation, as they have become our favorite. They are great raw and cooked, grow very well and store well into the winter.

  14. Jay (verified owner)

    First year growing Blush in Northern Michigan, but it won’t be the last. Over half of our crop were softball sized with very few runts. These are not a typical red onion, they’re excellent for cooking, yet mild enough for eating raw.

  15. Judy (verified owner)

    My Dixondale onions always do well here in Alaska but the Blush variety has been my most successful to date. They were a substantial size, a mild flavor and seem to store well.

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