Borettana Cipollini Onion Plants

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  • 50-75 Borrettana Cippolini onion plants per bunch
  • Long day specialty onion variety
  • Flat shaped, yellow, mild, open pollinated
  • Size Potential: Plant 2″ apart for cute shish-ka-bob onions or spread out to create “flying saucers.”
  • Storage Potential: 5 months
  • Days to Harvest: 110
Yellow, Mild, OP


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Borrettana Cipollini onions are often referred to as summer mini onions. These pretty little Italian onions from Boretto, Italy have a flattened spherical shape and look just like rosy-bronze glossy buttons, each about 1-3″ diameter and 1″ thick. When cooked, Borrettana Cipollini onions really sweeten up and caramelize to a beautiful color. A unique offering for farmers’ markets. Ideal for braiding. This variety does well in Intermediate and Long Day areas.

Free Shipping on all orders! Exclusions apply to AK and HI orders over ten bunches; add $2.00 per bunch over ten bunches or $40 per case for shipping/handling.

PRICING EXAMPLE: 1 bunch Patterson + 1 bunch Sterling = 2 bunches for a total of $23.50. After 30 bunches, the pricing starts over. A 45 bunch order will be priced as a 30 bunch order plus a 15 bunch order ($112.50 + $80.25 = $192.75). *Alaska and Hawaii orders over 10 bunches, add $2.00 per bunch for shipping/handling.

Onion plant case lot discounts apply to single variety cases only (no mixing of varieties in the same box). Cases are field packed with the variety marked on the outside of the box. Multiple cases will be strapped together for shipment. For case lot orders, please include your UPS/FedEx shipping address. No PO Box deliveries, please. *Alaska and Hawaii customers: add $40 per case for additional shipping/handling. If you have any questions about your order, please call us at (830) 876-2430 or email us at

2 reviews for Borettana Cipollini Onion Plants

  1. whartons

    I enjoyed these onions cut in half on the equator and then roasted in the oven. They are only about half an inch thick cut this way so they cook evenly and caramelize thoroughly. Yum! In late January, I still have them in storage here in Michigan. One less star for lack of uniform size.

  2. renay572 (verified owner)

    These specialty onions outlasted all the other varieties I’ve tried in storage. It’s March in Vermont and I still have trays of these onions in my basement. As long as they are kept in a dark cool place, I’ve had no issues with them sprouting. They even outlasted the usual Spanish yellow onions. I was also a bit lazy drying them and they still are going strong. Slightly more difficult to skin and cut up due to their shape but worth it for not molding and sprouting. The only onion type I ordered for this season!

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