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Candy Onion Plants

(17 customer reviews)


Candy is our most popular onion plant variety!

  • A minimum of four dozen Candy onion plants per bunch
  • Yellow, Globe Shape, Sweet, Hybrid
  • Size Potential: 6″
  • Storage Potential: 3 months
  • Days to Harvest: 90-100
Yellow, Sweet, Hybrid

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The most popular and recommended variety we offer is Candy! This onion is great for anyone that has never had much success growing onions. Candy onion plants are so easy to grow due to their strong root system and disease resistance. Unless you live in the southern most portions of the short day area or the northern most portions of the long day area, Candy will produce beyond your expectations. Long day areas should plant Candy onion plants as early as possible so it can reach full size potential. Every year it amazes us how many of these we sell! Authorized to be used in the Pennsylvania Sweet program.

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17 reviews for Candy Onion Plants

  1. Jeanie

    Best onion available. Always produces and has great flavor

  2. Nathaniel Davis

    These onions are the best!! They are so sweet and if you follow proper onion growing technique you can get HUGE onions from these. Thanks guys!

  3. Kathryn B.

    First time planting onions and I had a bountiful crop of large (5-6″) deliciously sweet onions! With some plan ahead storage preparation, I harvested in June and they lasted thru November. The key is a cool, dry, dark place with lots of air circulation. Although I am an experienced gardener, even a beginner would have success with these. Do not hesitate to try them! 🙂

  4. Marti Bowland (verified owner)

    Montana Zone 4/5 – Dixondale’s Candy onions were the best onions I’ve ever grown Wonderful sweetness, good size for our growing conditions. They over-wintered better than any other variety I’ve grown (proper drying, root cellar storage). We’re going for even more this year, we are so happy with them!

  5. Jane S

    Upstate New York (Hudson Valley) – They do really well for us here, many are softball size or even larger and they KEEP really well. No growing problems!

  6. Phillip Dauben (verified owner)

    I grow these in Southern California. About as south as you can get and these onions consistently provide me with the largest and most productive crops every year. Even better than my short day varieties. Harvest is a few weeks later than the short day onions. I love staggering the harvest times so that I don’t get so many onions at once.

  7. Clayton C. (verified owner)

    My first time planting Candy Onions and they did extremely well. I live in Colorado and most of these onions were bigger than baseballs and most were softball size. I planted them the first week in April.

  8. Marie H (verified owner)

    Planted mid January in South Carolina, perhaps a bit late, but these did fantastic! Flung their roots down fast, withstood all the winds and rain. Huge, heavy, massive bulbs. Great flavor for caramelized onions. Held up to the crazy spring whiplash weather, with only slightly crispy tips. Won’t try curing outdoors again though, too humid. Planting these again!

  9. Linda

    Love these Candy varieties. Live in Northern California and every start gave me an onion

  10. coleenweller (verified owner)

    This is the third summer I will be growing these. I’ll never choose another. I’m in Kansas City Missouri, zone 5. I planted April 25 last summer. No problems with growing these whatsoever. It’s currently mid January and I’m still cooking daily with my onions, as well as the red candy onions. Some might be getting a little soft, but most not!

  11. muncyfarm4 (verified owner)

    I have planted these onions in northern KY for 5 or 6 years now and they are great. I am currently still using them but they have begun sprouting so I monitor and freeze any that begin to grow. I keep them in single layer bread trays stacked in dark pantry with a small fan circulating the air. I gave them as gifts to Christmas guest and family. They were a top seller for me at Farmer’s Market. I now order for many neighbors and friends the first week in March and plant by March 15th.

  12. Elliott

    This is my 2nd year of growing them the 1st year turned out amazing, Large sweet onions.

  13. Joyce Stone (verified owner)

    The best onion ever! I have neighbors and friends asking every year if I will give them some.

  14. Kathryn White

    As another one said it is helpful for staggering onion harvest it warm areas. I am in Central Florida and planted these about 2 months after my short day onions and am currently getting a nice second crop. They aren’t too big mainly because it was an experiment in extending the season. Next year will give them full care. I planted short day in Dec and these in February and early March.

  15. Gina Williams (verified owner)

    By far our favorite onion to grow. So sweet and crisp!

  16. Emmett (verified owner)

    First time ordering and growing these. They produced excellent onions and no loses from the sprouts transplanted! I’ll order again for next season.

  17. Mike me

    First order, plants good on time. planted what I wanted gave extra to my brother grew grate in NW.IN.both of us are expanding our gardens to share this onions with friends

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