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Intermediate Day Sampler Onion Plants

(11 customer reviews)


A bundle includes a minimum of four dozen plants that include a mixture of:

  • Candy
  • Super Star,
  • Red Candy Apple

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We’ve made it easy for those who want to plant all three of our famous intermediate onion plant varieties, but may not have enough space to plant an entire bunch of each variety. Our Intermediate Day Sampler bundle includes a minimum of four dozen onion plants consisting of a mixture of Candy, Super Star, and Red Candy Apple onion varieties, providing a nice combination of color and flavor. The bunch may not have exactly 16 plants of each variety, but the bundle will have at least four dozen plants. Seed is mixed at planting therefore, we cannot guarantee the number of each variety. We will no longer offer samplers at case lot pricing. If you want a 30 bunch box of these three varieties, just order a mixed case.

Free Shipping on all orders! Exclusions apply to AK and HI orders over ten bunches; add $2.00 per bunch over ten bunches or $40 per case for shipping/handling.

PRICING EXAMPLE: 1 bunch Patterson + 1 bunch Sterling = 2 bunches for a total of $24.90. After 30 bunches, the pricing starts over. A 45 bunch order will be priced as a 30 bunch order plus a 15 bunch order ($118.50 + $83.25 = $201.75). *Alaska and Hawaii orders over 10 bunches, add $2.00 per bunch for shipping/handling.

Onion plant case lot discounts apply to single variety cases only (no mixing of varieties in the same box). Cases are field packed with the variety marked on the outside of the box. Multiple cases will be strapped together for shipment. For case lot orders, please include your UPS/FedEx shipping address. No PO Box deliveries, please. *Alaska and Hawaii customers: add $40 per case for additional shipping/handling. If you have any questions about your order, please call us at (830) 876-2430 or email us at customerservice@dixondalefarms.com.

11 reviews for Intermediate Day Sampler Onion Plants

  1. Shannon Robinson

    We bought these last year. Ordering 2x as many this year. They were great onions. I don’t care for hot spicy onions, so this collection was wonderful. Great flavor with hints of sweetness. We harvested out of our garden as they grew throughout the season. I can say how they would store as we ate them as we picked them. All three colors are wonderful even for eating raw in various dishes. I highly recommend this collection.

  2. Chuck Schau

    I’ve ordered this sampler for several years. The plants are much bigger and better quality than the local nursery. I’ve ordered way too many in the past because they are so good and fun to grow. I’m trying to restrain myself. Lol

  3. Jonathon L (verified owner)

    The intermediate variety pack has done great it’s outperformed the short day which was surprising for me. The onions are very large the stems are very large has held up even better to the Oklahoma wind will definitely be buying this set again.

  4. Linda (verified owner)

    I purchase the sampler last year. Love the onions. Great product. I am back this year to buy them again.

  5. Kate (verified owner)

    I have purchased this sampler for 3 years, and all of them have done well. Big onions! I live in NW Arkansas, and intermediate-day sampler works perfectly! Thanks for such a good quality product!

  6. Darold Fisk (verified owner)

    Received my order today 65% of my order was Very small red onions. Won’t buy the variety pack again.

  7. Bill-Aiken, SC. (verified owner)

    Very nice harvest. big and beautiful.

  8. RazSutton (verified owner)

    This was my 3rd year ordering intermediate onion sets from Dixondale. First and third year production was awesome. Had a death in the family the 2nd year and was late planting. I had some huge onions in years 1 and 3, but even with late planting in year 2 I had some that while smaller cured well until about Feb. They say 50-75, that is an underestimate, some are small and will do well as cut green onions and not have a good bulb, but the larger of the set are wonderful! The reds seem to be the smaller but the also have a tendency for smaller bulbs.

  9. volfan51128 (verified owner)

    Awesome onions. Planning on getting more next season. These did very well in East TN.

  10. S. Williams

    I grew up in Texas, but heard of Dixondale onions in CA. This is my first year trying them,- I’ve also planted seed, which is nowhere near as far along, as the Dixondale intermediate and short day samplers I’m trying, this year.Samplers we’re ordered 10/01/23 for 01/08/2024 delivery. Pricing and quality are good, arrived Fri. 01/05/2023, were planted 01/06/2024. Will try to post update in 110 days or so. Many thanks to the good people at Dixondale Farms! Appreciatively, S. Williams

  11. aafitz60 (verified owner)

    This will be my 3rd year ordering the sampler. The onions have been the envy of all my gardening friends here in northern Nevada. The harvest was huge and long lasting, from picking them young to my last delicious onion in late October. Quality product and great price. I’m a customer for life.

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