Patterson Onion Plants

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  • four dozen Patterson onion plants per bunch
  • Yellow, globe shaped, slightly pungent, hybrid
  • Size Potential: 3-4″
  • Storage Potential: 8-10 months
  • Days to Harvest: 110
Yellow, Storage, Hybrid


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This is our second season with Patterson, proving to be a successful variety. Patterson continues to provide the longest storage potential our varieties offer. This variety provides great storage potential, firmness, large size potential, great uniformity, and high yield.

Free Shipping on all orders! Exclusions apply to AK and HI orders over ten bunches; add $2.00 per bunch over ten bunches or $40 per case for shipping/handling.

PRICING EXAMPLE: 1 bunch Patterson + 1 bunch Sterling = 2 bunches for a total of $24.90. After 30 bunches, the pricing starts over. A 45 bunch order will be priced as a 30 bunch order plus a 15 bunch order ($118.50 + $83.25 = $201.75). *Alaska and Hawaii orders over 10 bunches, add $2.00 per bunch for shipping/handling.

Onion plant case lot discounts apply to single variety cases only (no mixing of varieties in the same box). Cases are field packed with the variety marked on the outside of the box. Multiple cases will be strapped together for shipment. For case lot orders, please include your UPS/FedEx shipping address. No PO Box deliveries, please. *Alaska and Hawaii customers: add $40 per case for additional shipping/handling. If you have any questions about your order, please call us at (830) 876-2430 or email us at

21 reviews for Patterson Onion Plants

  1. mmfarms (verified owner)

    Ordered Patterson variety of onions for spring 2022 planting for the first time. They arrived in a timely fashion. Planted them per Dixondale Farms instructions and, this late summer, I harvested the BEST crop of onions ever!!! Great variety! All plants developed strong, LARGE bulbs and the flavor is great. Hoping they store as well as Copra, which is what I have grown in the past. Based on growth and size, Patterson is far superior to Copra in my book providing they store as well. I will order them again for 2023. Highly recommend them. I live in Northern Idaho and they performed wonderfully. Happy customer.

  2. Sara Caldwell (verified owner)

    Just harvested first planting (zone 6a). I would estimate that 90% reached full maturity size and the few that didn’t were more due to negligence on my end. My diligence in fertilizing and watering was sporadic. I’m pleasantly surprised at how well they tolerated my neglect. The bulbs are medium size and solid, giving me hope that they will store quite well. In the past, I have grown Copra’s and since that is no longer an option, these seem to be an equivalent substitute. The flavor seems to be a solid pungent onion flavor. For a winter storage variety, I am overall pleased at this point. I see no reason for these not to store well into winter.

  3. Bill (verified owner)

    These onions did very well and had extremely large tops. They matured later than my others but turned out beautifully. Very pleased! Very solid and flavorable onion.
    Will give a little more growing space this year. Thanks Dixondale!

  4. Ken Mead

    I’m very pleased with these onions. They were slow to mature but came in beautifully. They actually seemed to come in much better for me here in NE Pennsylvania than Copras have. Most were medium to medium large and we’ve enjoyed them cooked and raw. I’ll be very very pleased if they store as well as I think they will. I will order again this year.

  5. jrbear1776 (verified owner)

    I’ve been growing onions for quite a few years now starting with the Big Daddy which I loved. Then had to go to the Copra which were good. But the Patterson were a disappointment. Only about 50% got to a decent size. I’ll try them again next year with the hope that it was a fluke. But for now, I cannot recommend them.

  6. David

    Grew well and produced good sized bulbs, but did not store well. Most of them were unusable after a few weeks. Copra stored for 6 months for me so unfortunately I won’t be growing Patterson again and I can’t recommend them to others.

  7. Revenda Bierley (verified owner)

    Planted the Patterson variety in spring 2022 in zone 6b central Pa. I followed the recommended planting, fertilizing and harvesting instructions with amazing results. I will be ordering these again for 2023

  8. Rick Gerber (verified owner)

    I grew the Pattersons here in Northern Michigan and was pleasantly surprised. I was used to growing Copra and did the switch over. I now have over 150 med to large onions. The taste is well suited to me, especially with my morning breakfast of potatoes and onions. Will be growing them next year for sure

  9. sally.young59324 (verified owner)

    Ive been purchasing from Dixondale Farms for approximately 10 years and have been very happy with their products. There has been only one year that the plants didn’t perform as I expected, but we were in an extreme drought and I could not keep the plants watered well enough. I started with the long day sampler but have been using only Patterson for the past couple years. The average size of these onions is larger than a softball and they store wonderfully! In fact, I have been able to keep the onions until next year’s onions are ready to use (although not fully grown). I highly recommend!! I wish I could submit a photo of this year’s crop!!

  10. abhound1 (verified owner)

    I’ve been growing dixondale onions here in northern CA for years now with great success. I’ve been looking for a good long keeper and so far these have been great. I harvested nice 4″-5″ bulbs 7-16-22 and they are still holding up great at 12-3-22. I’m sure they’ll last through February or March. Will definitely grow next year.

  11. Brenda

    Nice tasting onion. Grew to a good size. Only problem is the storage. Mine are sprouting after 2 months in storage. Only half of the onion is usable. Miss the copra as they held up nicely. Will try these again hoping for a better turn out.
    Have used Dixondale Farms for my onions for 10+ years. This is the first time I have been slightly disappointed. I recommend them to all my garden friends.

  12. cicarell.sally (verified owner)

    So dissatisfied with these onions. It is mid December and I just had to throw out half of my onions that are rotten. I’ve grown your Copra onions for years and always was amazed that they lasted all the way to April. I did have a good crop of the Patterson onions but they certainly haven’t stored well at all…very disappointing after all the work put into the garden. I definitely will not buy them again.

  13. mplonke (verified owner)

    I am gardening in zone 4 in Michigan’s upper peninsula. I have been planting Copra for years but had to get these as Copra is no longer available. The crop did very well and I would say the size was a bit larger than Copra. I am wondering how long they will store. My Copra were very long storing but I think the Patterson might not store as long but we will see. I will be planing the Patterson again in 2023.

  14. Sue (verified owner)

    I”ve grown Copra onions for as long as I can remember. I was disappointeed to see they were being “retired”……I mean WHY??? They were the perfect onion. Well, I got the Pattersons as a replacement and gave them a try. It was the only year I have ever been disappointed in a harvest. They were small, despite being grown the way I always grow onions. Several have begun sprouting in storage –and it’s not even January as I write this. I have searched and searched for Copra seeds to maybe grow my own, but they are nowhere to be found. Patterson is NOT a good replacement at all…………….

  15. Ron (verified owner)

    This is a very quality variety. Harvested over 150 onions in July, let the dry inside a barn in for 8 weeks or so until the tops were completely shrived and dried up. Then stored them in container in a cool dark place as of Christmas day the onions are rock hard and not a single one has began to soften. Great onion would highly recommend. I garden in zone 5 in western Ohio. Dixondale plants I have used for many years and they never disappoint. Patterson again in 2023

  16. 1hugaholic (verified owner)

    These onions are absolutely beautiful. I’m on a really small scale backyard garden set and these were easy to grow and they’re storing well. It’s a great variety for a beginner and one who needs long term storage onions. I’ll be ordering them again for the next year.

  17. Lisa (verified owner)

    The Patterson onion grew well. Had nice onions but they do not store well. The Chopra stored well into April and May for me but these are already sprouting. My white onions haven’t even sprouted yet and they are supposed to have a shorter storage time. Very disappointed.

  18. wintertimothy (verified owner)

    The reviews on Patterson are what I have experienced. They grow well, looked like they cured well and was very happy when I put them into my cool, dark storage space. I noticed fairly quickly they were not storing well, and over the holidays threw over half of them into compost since they were sprouting badly. Even the onions I kept are beginning to sprout. I am very disappointed in their storage capacity. Now what to get since I can’t get Copras?

  19. NicoleAllen (verified owner)

    I have grown Copra’s for years and loved them. I tried this last year and loved them. They have stored very well and they got nice and big. I have had years that the Copras were small but that was due to my soil needing amending. As long as I put the Dixondale onion mix fertilizer they do great!! I moved to TN and have been storing them here and they are still doing good. I usually harvest in August and they keep till May-June.

  20. yooper07 (verified owner)

    These are the best onions I have ever grown, and I’ve been gardening for almost 30 years. We live in far northern Michigan so our summers are short, so these are the perfect onion for our area. I first tried them last year (2022) and was very happy with them. Their flavor is great, and not as strong as some yellow onions can be. Most of the bulbs got to be over 3″ across. I do till in compost each spring before planting and it has made a huge difference in my entire garden production. It is March 2023 as I write this review, and I have been using these all winter. I stored them in a dark spot in the basement which is cool all year.

  21. R. Hawkins (verified owner)

    Have grown these for a few years, first time trying transplants instead of seeds. Just harvested some of the nicest sized onions, in the past I could still use these until the following May. Trick is to dry them out correctly before storing. Would recommend as a long storage good tasting onion

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