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Red Candy Apple Onion Plants – 30 Bunch Case

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  • 30 Bunches (1400-1800 plants) of Red Candy Apple onion plants
  • Deep Fed, Flat Globe Shape, Sweet, Hybrid
  • Size Potential: 3″
  • Storage Potential: 2-3 months
  • Days to Harvest: 85-95

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Availability: Out of Season

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Dixondale Farms is proud to have the exclusive on this onion variety! Back in 2009, the “Onionman” became frustrated with the reliability of an intermediate day red variety so he decided he would just develop his own. Seed companies weren’t interested in producing this variety because it just won’t bolt and if an onion won’t bolt, then you can’t produce seed. We overcame that by making the seed production a two year process which produced a remarkable seed crop this year. Red Candy Apple has proved to be a reliable red intermediate day onion year after year. Although slightly smaller in size, Red Candy onions can be pushed to grow larger in long days areas with additional nitrogen. Allow to grow to full maturity as Red Candy Apple finishes strong. When planted in short and intermediate day areas, it produces larger bulbs. Makes a great red bulb to be sold early at the farmers’ market in all areas. What it lacks in size, it will make up in appearance and flavor. Contains a higher concentration of quecetins, an antioxidant compound that helps delay or slow damage to the cells and tissue of the body.

Free Shipping on all orders! Exclusions apply to AK and HI orders over ten bunches; add $2.00 per bunch over ten bunches or $40 per case for shipping/handling.

PRICING EXAMPLE: 1 bunch Patterson + 1 bunch Sterling = 2 bunches for a total of $24.90. After 30 bunches, the pricing starts over. A 45 bunch order will be priced as a 30 bunch order plus a 15 bunch order ($118.50 + $83.25 = $201.75). *Alaska and Hawaii orders over 10 bunches, add $2.00 per bunch for shipping/handling.

Onion plant case lot discounts apply to single variety cases only (no mixing of varieties in the same box). Cases are field packed with the variety marked on the outside of the box. Multiple cases will be strapped together for shipment. For case lot orders, please include your UPS/FedEx shipping address. No PO Box deliveries, please. *Alaska and Hawaii customers: add $40 per case for additional shipping/handling. If you have any questions about your order, please call us at (830) 876-2430 or email us at customerservice@dixondalefarms.com.

1 review for Red Candy Apple Onion Plants – 30 Bunch Case

  1. tim ballantine

    Came in very quick, Planted in mid May & harvested 7/25/2022, Size – some small but most about 2.5 inches. Very firm & tasty.

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