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Red Creole Onion Plants

(6 customer reviews)


  • A minimum of four dozen Red Creole onion plants per bunch
  • Dark red, globe shape, pungent, open pollinated
  • Size Potential: 3-4″
  • Storage Potential: Approximately 6-7 months
  • Days to Harvest: 110
Red, Storage, OP

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Red Creole onion plants are the best short day storage onions! This onion has a spicy, Cajun type flavor and can be added to any dish for a bolder experience. Red Creole onions are small to medium in size with pungent red-purple flesh and tolerant to disease with very little bolt resistance, so planting these onions plants a bit later will decrease the number of bulbs that bolt.. Well adapted to all short day growing areas. At maturity, you will find yourself with a dark-red, globe-shaped, pungent onion about 3-4 inches in diameter. Once planted by transplant, they take about 110 days until harvest and then can be stored for approximately 6-7 months. Our customers have been asking for a short day storage variety and this is one that will work for you in that category.

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6 reviews for Red Creole Onion Plants

  1. Steven

    Great tasting onion. Growing it north west Alabama for years

  2. hawkechik (verified owner)

    I was not able to care for my onions this year as I usually do. Here in central Alabama our spring weather can be all over the place, summerlike temps one day and literally freezing or frost the next. Due to this I try to cover the onions on days when the temp is forecast to go below 40°F but this year that just wasn’t possible. From over 100 sweet onions I had one or two bolt, for less than 50 of these I’d guess 40 of them bolted.

  3. rameygary65 (verified owner)

    great onion very pleased with them still have onions in cool storage and it’s jan. already got them on order for 2023 had some to sprout got out my pickle onion recipe and pickled 23 half pints of pickled red onions, now waiting on springtime

  4. OTK Garden & Preparedness (verified owner)

    I’m rating these 3 stars because I don’t know what went wrong, if it’s the onions being wrong for my area (zone 8b, NC coast) or if something else happened.. I bought one bunch of these and one bunch of the Texas Sweet onions. I planted both of them the same day, same conditions, same fertilizer, same everything, but for some reason, the sweet onions bulbed beautifully while these onions never got much larger than two inches in diameter. I’m wondering if it’s something I did — or didn’t do — but I think next year I’ll try a different red variety.

  5. jordana

    This is an easy to grow and delicious onion. Ours grew to a nice medium size. Good onion for south central Texas.

  6. Thilak (Little Rock ,AR) (verified owner)

    We ordered box of 30, only 28 was in box, they send other 2 when I asked them. All the plants came out well. Bulbs are not that big as i did feed enough nitrogen. My soil is clay, i may need some compost. I am still learning. Next time, will do better.

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