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Short Day Sampler Onion Plants

(17 customer reviews)


A bundle includes a minimum of four dozen plants that include a mixture of:

  • 1015Y Texas Super Sweet
  • Texas Early White
  • Red Creole

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We’ve made it easy for those who want to plant three of our short-day onion varieties but may not have enough space to plant an entire bunch of each variety. Our Short Day Sampler bundle includes a minimum of four dozen onion plants consisting of a combination of 1015Y Texas Super Sweet, Texas Early White, and Red Creole varieties, providing a delightful assortment of colors and flavors. This exclusive combination gives short-day areas both sweet and storage onions to enjoy for months.

Free Shipping on all orders! Exclusions apply to AK and HI orders over ten bunches; add $2.00 per bunch over ten bunches or $40 per case for shipping/handling.

PRICING EXAMPLE: 1 bunch Patterson + 1 bunch Sterling = 2 bunches for a total of $24.90. After 30 bunches, the pricing starts over. A 45 bunch order will be priced as a 30 bunch order plus a 15 bunch order ($118.50 + $83.25 = $201.75). *Alaska and Hawaii orders over 10 bunches, add $2.00 per bunch for shipping/handling.

Onion plant case lot discounts apply to single variety cases only (no mixing of varieties in the same box). Cases are field packed with the variety marked on the outside of the box. Multiple cases will be strapped together for shipment. For case lot orders, please include your UPS/FedEx shipping address. No PO Box deliveries, please. *Alaska and Hawaii customers: add $40 per case for additional shipping/handling. If you have any questions about your order, please call us at (830) 876-2430 or email us at customerservice@dixondalefarms.com.

17 reviews for Short Day Sampler Onion Plants

  1. Suzanne (verified owner)

    Shipment was two weeks later than advertised and onions were not in prime condition. Foliage was mostly yellowed and brown, some were dried out and crispy, and some onion sets were just plain mush. Varieties were not marked so impossible to tell which was which. I contacted Dixondale and was told it was advertised that varieties would not be marked. I don’t see that stated on the website, and if I am supposed to identify the variety “by how it looked” I only received one tinged with red so I will assume I received one red creole in the sampler. Of the remaining plants some were decent sized and some were extremely small and mushy. That must be how I’m supposed to tell the difference in variety. I would submit this review with zero stars, but that’s not possible. I definitely will not be ordering from this company again.

    • Zach Parry

      Our samplers are a mix of 3 varieties which include a red, yellow, and white onion. These samplers have the seed mixed when planting and are picked straight from the field. Due to this we can not guarantee the amount of each variety to be even. The plants being dry will not be an issue for the plant, we suggest when receiving the plants to let them air out if not planting immediately. The shipping issue is an anomaly and we do apologize for that and if you would like we can send you another Short Day Sampler, contact customerservice@dixondalefarms.com. I would suggest still planting the dry onions they will do great.

  2. lizzy110219 (verified owner)

    My plants came exactly as scheduled according to the zip code guide. I had to wait a couple weeks to plant because I didn’t have my beds ready, but I unpacked them immediately as directed and all the plants were still perfect when I did plant them. There weren’t as many red onions as I hoped, but the description clearly stated that it would be a random mix. I bought 4 bundles of different items, (this mix, white Bermuda, yellow ganex, and cipollini). I prepared space for 300 onions thinking it was plenty, but then I had to create another bed for close to 75 more! I thought for sure it was because some of them were tiny, and surely wouldn’t make it (especially since I waited 2 weeks to plant), but they are THRIVING! I seriously can’t tell which ones I thought were small any more. Being new to onion growing (successfully anyway, tried and failed before) I’ve asked a few questions on the Facebook page and received prompt and helpful responses. I’ve never been so excited to garden in the winter (when it is so pleasant in Texas!) Thanks!

  3. Tammy d’Fonseca (verified owner)

    Onions came as described online. This will be my first attempt at growing onions. It looks like I have a good mix of the three varieties. They all look healthy. We will be planting next week.

  4. Allan Jenkins (verified owner)

    I was late ordering my onion starts from my usual suppler, and they had sold out of short day varieties. A Google search led me Dixondale Farms . The sample pack was a reasonable price, so I put in an order. They arrived yesterday, right on schedule. I believe they are best I’ve ever bought, and came with an excellent planting guide.
    Good service and good products deserves a plug.

  5. Donna (verified owner)

    We got our onions early and weren’t ready to plant. Of course we worried but took off the rubber band and laid them out on a brown paper bag. We got them planted and they were doing GREAT! Next thing we know, we had a hail storm! It took out our entire patch! I contacted Dixondale and they told me not to worry that onions are hardy plants! Sure enough they’ve come back! They are looking great! We had a few to flower but other than that, they’re perfect! We’re so glad we found Dixondale and the onions we need. We’ll know more next year! Thanks for all of your help!

  6. Jonathon L (verified owner)

    The short date onions performed great. I liked buying the variety pack over a single variety because the stems were larger which holds up better here in the Oklahoma wind. I didn’t know the stems were gonna be bigger but it played in my favor. I will definitely be buying another set next year.

  7. Terry Wall (verified owner)

    5 STARS-NOTHING LESS!!! My onions arrived on time. Yes they looked a little haggard, but they were pulled from their home, bundled up and sent to me in this nice piping hot Arizona garden. I expected nothing less. I planted them out and I have yet to be dissapointed. They grow well and are still going strong, taste delicious and IF I could stay out of ’em they might get to be really good sized. I will buy again and I tell everybody I know who is looking to plop some onions in their garden where to go!!! The emails tips are great too and the customer service is ON POINT!! I wish ALL the businesses I deal with both at home and in my workplace were like Dixondale Farms

  8. Sony Miller

    I love ordering from them and have never had any issues

  9. dkrenek (verified owner)

    First time I had onions actually grow and harvest large onions! I have bought from box stores to only have major fails. These were healthy and every one produced for me!

  10. Toni Savage

    We ordered several different types in the spring. The plants were healthy and service was good. My onions will always come from here in the future.

  11. Robgarden

    Onions arrived on time and in good condition. Some were very small but about 95% of them are still alive and well they’ve been in the ground about 4 weeks.

  12. Heather (verified owner)

    Onions arrived on time and in great condition. They produced fantastically. Great value and great product

  13. Brenda Wieser (verified owner)

    I am a believer!! My son and I planted all the little plants which arrived timely and in good condition. I harvested 50-60 onions a few weeks ago which have been curing. I am so pleased, they are delicious and good sized, I have already pickled some of the red onions. Can’t wait to order again!!!

  14. Diana (verified owner)

    I’ve had great success growing the onion sampler. Perfect for a small garden. I plan to order onions again from Dixondale farms.

  15. Norman (verified owner)

    Onions came on time and they grew very well and large, will always use them never had a problem

  16. Sarah (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, and received my short day onion transplants twice the numbers that I’ve ordered. I planted them all yesterday and I hope they will grow healthy and form bulbs soon. This is one of my favorite store now. Thanks, Dixondalefarms! 😊

  17. Aaron (verified owner)

    First time ever growing onions and while I didn’t have 100% success, I still feel pretty successful considering I hadn’t grown them before. The Texas super sweets and early white onions did the best for me. The white got quite large and I would say the super sweet got fairly close in size to the small yellow onions you can find at the grocery store. The creoles never got big for me, but that can completely be due to user error. I planted them in a raised bed with early white being on the southern end of the bed, super sweets in the middle, and creole red being on the northern end of the bed. So, maybe lighting had something to do with it. I also had fire ants messing around the creoles and that may have impacted them as well. If I do onions again, I will definitely be ordering from y’all again!

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