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Traditional Shallot Plants

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A minimum of four dozen Shallot plants per bunch
Order 2-9 bunches for $20.00 each! Get an even better deal when you order 10 bunches for just $85.00!

  • Red Rust Colored Skin, Traditional Shape, Hybrid
  • Size Potential: 2-3″
  • Storage Potential: 7-8 months
  • Days to Harvest: 110-120
Red Rust Colored Skin, Traditional Shape, Hybrid

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Customers are raving about the difference growing shallots from our transplants as opposed to sets! We developed this variety with a seed company in Australia. Shallots have great storage potential! A traditional shaped shallot with slightly higher shoulders like French Shallots. Red rust colored skin and light pink flesh with bulbs measuring up to 3″. Add shallots to any dish for great flavor! Each bunch of shallots contains a minimum of four dozen plants. Traditional shallot plants are a true long day variety and can be planted in intermediate day areas if planted early; we just caution that they may not reach full size potential outside of long day areas. Shallot plants are priced separately due to high production costs.

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8 reviews for Traditional Shallot Plants

  1. Curzio Caravati

    KUFI FARM has been a longtime, loyal DIXONDALE FARMS customer. We received the onion shipment for planting March 18, 2022 – timing of planting is critical, especially for an operation of dry farming – no irrigation. This year we planted about 2,000 seedlings and lost eight! The shallots looked fantastic, and today May 25 we noticed a few seedlings were doubling, as typical for shallots.
    We are Seed Savers Exchange members, and grow many different strains of shallots for research and comparison of both storage and culinary properties.

  2. Alison (verified owner)

    This is the first time I’ve planted shallots and these plants did not disappoint. Every plant sprouted and produced. I am thrilled with my first experience with Dixondale and their plants. I planted late May and harvested mid September.

  3. gcatco6770 (verified owner)

    First time I purchased products from Dixondale Farm directly. I have to say, Dixondale does not disappoint. By the time I got to place an order, y’all have sold out about everything except Shallots and mix batch of onions. I planted all of them and they all survived the crazy weather this year. Shallots – large and healthy. Onions – mixed reviews, but I attribute to the weather and heat. Most survive, even those in containers. Looking forward to next year!

  4. Chip (verified owner)

    I have been dealing with Dixondale Farms for years. 2023 will be the third year for planting shallots. When stored properly they will last throughout the winter, as we are just now using the last of them from the 2022 harvest. Great company, great product.

  5. RazSutton (verified owner)

    With the price of shallots I’ve been hesitant on getting a set. I was worried that they’d need lots of attention. I took the jump and got a set. With just watering and biweekly fertilizing from late April to mid July, most have 3 bulbs, some 4, and there’s a few with 5,6, or even 7! I’ve loved the intermediate onion sets from Dixondale but these shallots, love them! Worth a try if you have space.

  6. Molly (verified owner)

    So much better than sets I’ve grown in the past. I’m doubling my order because the flavor, success and size of these plants make this quite a value.

  7. Bob (verified owner)

    I’ve been growing Dixondale onions for more than five years. I decided to try shallots in 2022. I ordered one set and had more shallots than I could use, to the benefit of close friends! Honestly, I neglected these plants except for watering when necessary (we get a lot of rain in NJ in recent years, so we don’t water frequently). These required more effort to process than onions due to their multiple bulb structure, so I was on the fence about growing them in 2023. At Christmas dinner, the shallots took my beef tenderloin and gravy to another level. It felt good knowing they came from my own garden. They will be there again in 2023 – I just placed my order for onions and shallots! Thanks Dixondale Farms!

  8. Molly (verified owner)

    For the third year, we have planted these shallots–they arrive so healthy and large. And we still have shallots from last year in our basement–almost out, but they keep so well. We love having shallots on hand all year round. I have grown from sets, but the Dixondale starts outperform those. So worth the money.

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