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Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you will receive healthy plants that will transplant successfully. If your plants fail within 30 days of receipt, you may choose to have a credit, refund, or a one-time replacement (if available).

Why Start with Onion Plants

Onion Plants Are the Way to Go

It really is that simple: If you want big, beautiful onions, you must start with high-quality onion plants from Dixondale Farms.

We are family owned and operated, specializing in growing onions since the 1900s- it is a family tradition and our legacy. Whether planting to feed a family or growing to make money, your bountiful harvest starts with top quality onion plants from the ‘Onion King’, Dixondale Farms! Get started today at dixondalefarms.com!

Want to know the secret to success for planting onions?

If you are thinking about adding onions to your garden, skip the seeds and sets. Onion plants- high quality ones- are the way to go and are truly the key to success when it comes to this crop. Plants ensure a bounty of tasty and sizable onions, while also providing a hardy crop that will have impressive yield.

Want to grow big, beautiful onions? Stop wasting time and money on seeds or sets- start with onion plants for success:

Why Start with Onion Plants?

When it comes to planting onions, do yourself a favor and invest in quality onion plants, or transplants, for your garden. You should always choose germinated plants over seeds and sets- particularly if you want to enjoy
a bounty of big, beautiful onions come harvest time. With seeds and sets chances are your crop will be mainly immature green onions instead of the larger, sweeter onions that transplants provide during harvest. It is a fact: Onion plants make the most sense, involving far less labor, time, and guesswork than seeds or sets.

Why not Seeds or Sets?

Seeds are always hit or miss; how disappointing to nurture onion seeds throughout planting season only to have them decline to germinate or produce only greens and small bulbs.

Sets are actually last year’s, tiny onions; they don’t always develop like a true onion plant that yields larger, more developed onions and you have less varieties to choose from. Quality onions starts with quality plants, plain and simple.

Ready to get started with plants?

The success and hardiness of your onions begins with planting; and picking quality plants for your location. With onion plants you have lots of choices. Consider contributing factors, like where you live and time of year, when planning to plant your onions.

Now that you know the secret, the only place to buy them is Dixondale Farms- they have the best plants and expertise, and are the only choice any smart gardener should consider.and success!

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